Who We Are

Acta Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization acting in public interest. The name of Acta Foundation was inspired by the Latin “acta non verba” literally meaning “actions not words” which is the philosophy that united a group of experts with rich and complementary academic background and hands-on business experience behind the Acta foundation.

Actors For Change

Inspiring Positive Impact, Shaping a Brighter Future.
Identify a NEED
Our researchers and volunteers play a crucial role in identifying the pressing needs and challenges in the communities they serve using wide range of methods including:

- Community surveys to gather insights directly from the source.
- Literature reviews to identify information on existing research and best practices in their field of focus which helps us stay up-to-date on the latest research and identify any gaps that need to be addressed.
- Stakeholder engagement activities such as focus groups, seminars, round tables in order gain specific information on the identified needs.
- Qualitative and quantitative data analysis to better understand the trends and patterns related to the issues and challenges we are working to solve.
Once we have identified the needs and challenges we want to address, we work with a pool of experts and volunteers to design the right projects and initiatives to tackle them. This process involves, goal setting based on the performed need analysis, strategy development, funding and resource allocation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Thus we guarantee that our work is based on the needs of our community and is focused on achieving meaningful outcomes.
Next step is the implementation of the solutions and activities we have designed through a combination of collaboration and partnership, further stakeholder engagement, evidence-based approaches, pilot testing, continuous improvement, and innovation. This approach helps us ensure that our solutions are effective, sustainable, and have the greatest impact possible.
Create an IMPACT
We strive to multiply the impact of our activities through sharing our knowledge and best practices with others and advocating for change in various fields of our research interests. We are committed to continuous improvement, hence we always strive to evaluate the impact of our work on people, organisations and the community as a whole. Our approach guarantees the effectiveness, sustainability, and creation of significant outcomes for our projects and initiatives.
The key to our success is that we never get tired of trying to make our community better for generations to come.

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